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mevans 12-19-2019 09:12 AM

Manual intervention step
I have some situations that require manual intervention before proceeding to the next step. I used to shell out to Notepad to open a text file so a human could review the results. That did a great job of waiting until Notepad was closed before the next step would proceed; however, I'm redoing that process so I don't always have to stop and look at things.

Now I analyze data and have a flag value in a macro that indicates if a human needs to look at something before proceeding. Most of the time it isn't necessary to pause. Wait doesn't seem to be quite what I want. I really want it to pause until a human says go (or decides to kill the script). When it's time to pause, a human needs to be able to review values in macros and determine what to do. I haven't found a convenient way to do this in VBP. I've looked at some other threads about pauses and manual intervention, but they seem to be hacks.

Maybe I'll try Wait for a very long time and then press Ctrl+C to continue, as was suggested elsewhere. That doesn't feel right, but it might work. I wish there was a manual break or something like that where I just press the "play" button to continue.

Are there any better alternatives that I'm missing?

mevans 12-19-2019 06:32 PM

I'm trying out Wait with Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Break as suggested on another post, but that doesn't work.

Ctrl+C doesn't do anything
Ctrl+Break aborts and I can't go to the next step.

All I want is something that pauses the build until a user either starts is again or aborts it. It's kind of like a breakpoint, except I want it as a step on which I can put a conditional execution. There aren't conditional breakpoints, and even then, they wouldn't be part of the saved script.

I'm using VBP 10.1.

kinook 12-19-2019 06:58 PM

Use the VBScript InputBox or WScript Popup method and conditionally stop/abort the build or continue based on the response. See the Prompt.bld sample.

mevans 12-19-2019 10:41 PM

I've been using the undefined macro trick in some situations, but it's modal, so I can't review macro values. The two options you mentioned aren't modal, so it looks like one of them will work for me. Thanks.

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