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Jens 12-05-2014 08:37 AM

Error building VS 2008 .vcproj file with MSBuild
Very brief description of my problem:
- Created Project step with VisualBuild Pro (8.7) for VS2008 project
- selected the *.vcproj project file (C++ project file)
- tried to build it with VisualBuild
--> ERROR: get the MSBUILD : error MSB4192 that says that a *.vcproj file cannot be compiled with MsBuild.exe

Well that might be right, but I thought by using the Action Make VS2008 it will not use the msbuild.exe but the VCBuild.

With Visual Studio 2010 they changed the executable to build a project (from VCBuild to MSBUild).

I do have VS2010 as well as VS2008 installe on my machine.

Of course I could do everything by commandline, but I would like to use the nice GUI panels to easyly select configuration etc...

kinook 12-05-2014 08:43 AM

Create a solution file for the .vcproj file (opening the .vcproj file in Visual Studio, then exiting will prompt to create one) and build that file, or use vcbuild or devenv for building via the Override field on the Options tab.

Also see

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