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jcox 02-19-2004 04:46 PM

Install to the GAC on a remote system
I need to Install and upgrade components to the GAC on a remote system. VBP looks like it will install to the local compter, but is there a way to install to a remote server.

I tried to do a search for GAC but does not meet the 4 Char minimum. This has happend several times and there are some important key words that can only be discribed in 3 char.



kinook 02-19-2004 08:02 PM

The GACUtil tool, which the GAC Install action wraps, does not support installing on a remote computer. You might try using a Run Program action and executing GACUtil on the remote computer (see the Server.bld sample for samples of remotely executing commands).

We've also modified the forum configuration to allow searching on 3 letter strings.

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