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kinook 06-08-2012 01:17 PM

Version 5.0
Released on June 8, 2012

New Features
  • Windows 8 and Server 2012 compatibility.
  • Command to show or hide completed items (View menu).+
  • Option to collapse trees when opening database (Tools | Options | Trees).+
  • Option to select last imported item after importing (Tools | Options | Import).+
  • Option to display full path of database file (Tools | Options | Miscellaneous).
  • Option to choose which favorites to show in Favorites toolbar (Favorites | Organize).
  • Command to search for selected text (Edit menu).
  • Command to disable/enable word wrap in rich text editor (Format | Word Wrap).
  • Command-line flag to open database in read-only mode (/readonly).+

  • Add Tips & Tricks forum link to Help menu.
  • Support unchecking Match whole words search option with full-text search enabled (alternative to *word*).
  • Support additional operators when searching on Keywords (user-defined) attribute in Advanced search.
  • Web import: 1) Improved parsing of imported and linked files in style sheets when importing web pages; 2) Send IE9 user-agent string instead of IE7 (see for details).
  • Handle internal link between databases in same folder if link path not found (both databases were moved).
  • Support pasting or drag/drop of bitmap on clipboard into Data Explorer pane to create image document item.
  • Support pasting or drag/drop of file as image from Windows Explorer or other file manager into text editor.
  • Format | Highlight command toggles highlighting (turns off highlighting if selection is highlighted).
  • Double-clicking tab on Item Details pane closes tab.
  • Increase maximum number of favorites (50 -> 200) and databases (25 -> 100) shown in toolbars and menus.

    Bug Fixes
  • Error during CSV import with attribute containing apostrophe ' character in name.+
  • Curly braces { } and double quotes " in URL not handled properly when inserting hyperlink into text editor (Format | Insert Hyperlink).

    + = Professional edition only

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