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Mike-7 08-15-2003 11:25 AM

Keep failure status of any build step
And make it available through macro,
e.g.: %FAIL_STATUS("mystepname")%

pjaquiery 08-17-2003 05:10 PM

This idea I like, although there are a number of issues:

1/ there may be more than one step with the same name,
2/ the step may be nested in a subroutine call sequence so the context would be required as well,
3/ should there be an entry for each itteration through a repeated group of steps?

Mike-7 08-18-2003 05:07 AM

all those three cases are generic and can be resolved by some complex syntax:

1/ full path to step (e.g. "buidproject\copyfiles\copy_exe", if omitted use ANY step with specified name (name clash is up to user).
2/ include opional context information as well (e.g. "buidproject\copyfiles\copy_exe:mysubrootine\mysubs tep"),
3/ my imagination is exhausted :) need to invent even more complex syntax...

kinook 10-06-2003 05:29 PM

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You can get a basic implementation of this by calling a common function in each step's vbld_StepDone event which stores that step's status in a temporary macro named for the step. To update several steps to do this, you can multi-select the steps and edit the step script code to call a common function (StoreStepStatus [defined as a project script function] in the sample). A VBScript sample is attached.

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