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kinook 03-22-2003 01:35 PM

Version 4.0
Release on June 6, 2002

  • Professional Version

  • Tree display of steps, with ability to expand and collapse steps
  • Custom action screens and components for many third party development tools to simplify the creation of build scripts
  • Extensive debugging features (single-stepped execution, breakpoints, pause, etc.)
  • Colorization of build output for easy navigation
  • Editing and execution of Windows Script is fully integrated
  • Full support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (of course, Visual Studio 6.0 is still supported as well)
  • Ability to generate XML and HTML log files
  • Integration with Windows Scheduled Tasks applet for easy scheduling of builds
  • Full support for entry and display of Unicode text
  • Many new user-configurable options
  • Shortcuts to easily 1) jump to matching output for a step and vice versa, 2) Go to a top-level step, and 3) open a filename displayed in the build output (see View menu)
  • Multiple failure steps can be defined in a project
  • Subroutine steps allow modularizing code within a single project
  • The build status of the steps can be saved in the project file
  • COM Automation interface to access all application and build components programmatically
  • Console application to run locally or remotely without requiring interactive desktop access or a GUI
  • End-user creation of custom action screens and components
  • Global macros and application options are stored in XML files instead of a user-specific registry key
  • Single-click testing of steps
  • Option for macros to be added to environment variables
  • Search and replace in macros and script as well as steps
  • Enhancements to tool tip feature
  • Ability to specify multiple ranges of successful exit codes for the Run Program custom action
  • Child projects started from a VisBuildPro Project action are launched minimized if the parent project is minimized
  • Editing of multiple step properties at once via multiple selection

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