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andyh 05-13-2020 12:59 PM

Office 365 settings to view (edit?) docx/xlsx?
Dear UR Community,

i'am using UR 6.0 and Office 365.

How to setup UR for viewing/editing Office 365 Word and Excel files in UR internal view.

Are there any new registry settings?

Thanks in advance.


kinook 05-13-2020 01:37 PM

It worked in our tests and for others, see

LM7 05-13-2020 02:04 PM

Is this problem specific to the 64 bit versions of Office 365 and UR? I am using the 32 bit version of both of these programs, and I have no problem displaying or editing both Word and Excel (docx and xlsx files) internally within UR, whether stored or linked files.

That said, I am unable to display Outlook folders (e.g. email, calendar) internally in UR using the Outlook viewers (in the Outlook.URD file), as was possible with UR 5, although I can view specific messages captured from Outlook as .MSG files properly inside of UR.

kinook 05-13-2020 02:56 PM

That is a good point -- regardless of which version of Office you're using, you do need to match the bitness (32/64) of UR with the bitness of Office. This applies even for older versions of UR and Office (UR v5 was 32-bit only, so you had to use 32-bit Office).

Regarding the Outlook question, do you have the same bitness of UR and Outlook installed, and which one?

LM7 05-13-2020 03:21 PM

Yes, I have the 32 bit version of Outlook (365) installed as well.

I had actually emailed you about this previously, and you wrote me that "It seems to be something that changed in Internet Explorer. When I export those items [=Outlook Inbox / Calendar] and open externally in IE, they also display blank.)

cnewtonne 05-14-2020 10:05 AM

It appears this is the old behavior as recent as office 2013 and IE 10.


This behavior may occur if Internet Explorer is configured to host documents for Office programs that are installed on the computer. By default, Internet Explorer is configured to host documents for Office programs.

andyh 05-14-2020 12:34 PM

Thanks for all replys.

I will check UR 6.0 32bit with Office 365 32bit and report the results.

LM7 05-31-2020 10:59 AM

FWIW, I experimented using the portable (64 bit) version of UR 6 to display Office 365 files (32 bit) internally, and these files were displayed perfectly (won't go into why I tried this, bottom line is that it works...)

cnewtonne 05-31-2020 10:07 PM

Related to your issue. This question is for Kinook's support ...

Will 64 UR work with 64 IE if installed. If yes, I assume 64 Office docs should also display internally.

Download 64 IE:


kinook 05-31-2020 11:08 PM

Yes. 64-bit UR requires 64-bit IE / 64-bit MSHTML components (which I believe is part of Windows) for internal browsing, and by extension, display of 64-bit Office within UR -> IE -> Office as well.

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