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kinook 12-04-2004 09:46 AM

Version 1.0a
Released on December 3, 2004

New Features & Enhancements

  • Don't require admin rights for installation.
  • Add user option (at Tools | Options | Browser) to determine whether popups in internal browser will be blocked.
  • Add Date Deleted attribute for children of items deleted / moved to Recycle Bin (allows excluding of items in Recycle Bin from Advanced searches by adding Date Deleted equals Null criteria).
  • Quick Search on an empty string matches all items instead of none.

    Bug Fixes

  • Prevent error message when opening a database or exiting after clicking a column header in the Related Items pane with no database open.
  • Leading 0's and trailing .0's in numeric Item Attribute values were not persisted to the database.
  • Keywords for other Item Attributes were deleted after synchronizing an item.
  • Fix crash that occurred on some systems when cancelling Insert Item Attribute dialog in the Item Attributes pane (necessitated combo auto-complete functionality being removed).
  • Prevent error message inserting items after Save As.
  • Fix to unpress Store Contents button/menu item after clicked when stored document contents are being viewed in internal browser.
  • Keep all nodes collapsed on right-click Collapse/Collapse All in the Data Explorer/Search pane when the a child of the collapsed item is selected.
  • Enable File | Save As for read-only database files.
  • Item's icon was not shown in Item Details pane for selections in the Related Items pane.
  • Disable moving items to Recycle Bin in read-only databases (previously allowed it but displayed error message).
  • Properly display values > 2GB in Database Properties dialog.
  • Help button/F1 in Compact and Repair Dialog did not launch help.

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