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lockedude 03-20-2019 12:48 PM

Enhanced Unzip Files and folder inclusions
Not sure if I am trying something unsupported, found a bug, or am simply clueless...

I have a zip file consisting of various levels of folder and subfolders containing various files. I am trying to extract just a single folder including its subfolders (or not) with the Enhanced Unzip Files action.

Zip File is just a .zip file and Include is '/Folder/*.dll'. Include Subdirectories is checked.

If Use Directories is checked, the destination receives /Folder/*.dll correctly.

If Use Directories is NOT checked, I get 0 files found. I would expect to receive *.dll in the root of the destination folder. Is this incorrect thinking?

Essentially, I want to be able to access a zip and extract folders, files, and a combination of these into a more dynamic destination structure. Maybe the action is just limited and cannot handle this robustness?

I am aware I can unzip everything to a temp folder and access my files in that manner. Just looking to understand the abilities of the Enhanced Unzip action.

v9.7 - Thanks!

kinook 03-20-2019 08:43 PM

Unchecking 'Use directory names' is not compatible with folder inclusion/exclusion, because the extracted filename (which is used for the include/exclude match) doesn't contain a folder in that scenario.

One option would be to unzip all the files (with Use directory names checked), then use the Delete Files action, excluding the files to retain.

Or unzip all the files to a temporary folder, use the Copy Files action to copy with flat copy and advanced folder matching, then delete the unzipped folder.

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