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pjaquiery 03-06-2003 09:39 PM

VSS Rename
I don't see a "rename" command or a way of generating a generic command using the SourceSafe step. What am I missing?

I can of course use a Run step to get the job done in the interim.

Peter Jaquiery

kinook 03-06-2003 09:40 PM

The Operation drop-down in the SourceSafe action is not exhaustive, but it is editable, so you could try entering operations that aren't pre-populated in the list, such as Rename (it may or may not work since they aren't explicitly supported and some operations require certain flag combinations). If that doesn't work for the rename operation, as you mentioned, you could instead use a Run Program step with that uses %SSHELPER%, constructing the command-line manually.

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