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automatic 03-24-2003 02:50 PM

Building VB projects
Hi all,

I'm new to VS build pro, i have a question about building VB projects.

Currently, in VSS, I have a folder called apps, then under apps, there are app1, app2, app3...etc.

in each of the folder app1, app2, app3.. i have .cls, .vbp and .dll files in it. Currently i ahve to manually create steps in VS build to make each vbp and dll (e.g. a step for making apps/app1/app1.vbp , a step for making apps/app2/app2.vbp)

I just wonder is there a way to do this automatically/recursively starting from the apps folder? I have looked at the sample file Recursive that comes with VS Build, there is a macro called %PROCFILES_FULLPATH%, should i use this macro to do this ?

Thanks a lot

kalons 03-24-2003 04:19 PM

You can do that (also demonstrated in the Recurse.bld sample), or you can create a project group in VB and specify the group file (VBG) in the Make VB6 step.

automatic 03-25-2003 01:24 PM


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