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kinook 12-06-2005 11:23 AM

Version 6.0a
Released on December 7, 2005


  • Add option for executable to use for Tools | Create Scheduled Task (Tools | User Options | Misc).
  • Add option to use executable icon for Run Program steps (Tools | User Options | Projects/Steps).
  • Add option to use custom icon for macro type for Set Macro steps (Tools | User Options | Projects/Steps).
  • Open folder of selected file in Explorer with Shell | Explore command.
  • Support Shift down on startup to not open last project.
  • Update Visual Studio 2005 theme to match VS RTM release.

    Action Enhancements

  • FTP action: Support unencrypted command channel for secure FTP through firewalls.
  • Send Mail action: Support Cc and Bcc recipients.

    Bug Fixes

  • GUI App: 1) hang on startup when run from Scheduled Task when user task runs under is not logged on; 2) Scrolling via mouse wheel in output pane not working; 3) Opening viewer to error line from build output not working; 4) Active pane focus lost after print preview; 5) context menu displayed in wrong position when shown via keyboard if mouse cursor on different monitor.
  • Builder component: 1) Conditional build rules not evaluated when re-evaluate option was checked; 2) Wrong build rule description for child skipped steps.
  • Script Editor: 1) Drop/paste includes trailing null characters; 2) Selection not updated properly on insert macro.
  • Script expressions in global steps file converted to literal brackets when opening v5 projects.
  • Copy Files action: include/exclude mask of *.* did not include files with no extension.
  • Make VB6 action doesn't log build output on Windows 2000.
  • FTP Action: 1) Error transferring files if absolute path (~/...) not specified; 2) 'no copy'/recurse flags not honored with empty include/exclude fields and incremental/purge unchecked.
  • Write File and Write INI action icons swapped.
  • ZIP Files action Delete operation did not work.

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