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kevina 06-17-2005 01:54 PM

How can I edit stored HTML content in Ultra Recall?
Stored web page items can be edited within UR via Item | Edit Web Page on the menu.

Alternatively, you can edit stored web page items in an external editor with the following steps:

1) Ensure .html is in the File extensions to open stored documents writeable: list @ Tools | Options | Documents . [This only has to be done once]

2) Select the item in UR, then use Item | Show Explorer Menu (Ctrl + E), choose Open With, then either select an HTML editor application from the list or use Choose Program (the first time) to add the application to the list.

One editor that can be used is the HTML Quick Edit Bar, which edits the page in Internet Explorer, and if IE is your default browser, Ctrl+J (Item | Open Document) can also be used to edit the UR web page item.

3) The web page will be opened in the selected editor. Edit the document as desired, then save the changes in that application. Saving the item in UR or navigating to a different Info Item will persist your changes to Ultra Recall.

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