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kevina 06-02-2005 06:40 PM

Version 1.3
Released on June 2, 2005

New Features & Enhancements
  • XML (OPML/OML) import and export.
  • CSV (comma-delimited text file) import.
  • Enhancements to CSV export.
  • Text and Rich Text (RTF) file import (splitting into multiple Info Items based on user-defined delimiter).
  • Rich Text (RTF) file export (from multiple Info Items).
  • Print multiple Text (and derived Text) Info Items.
  • ActionOutline file import.
  • TreePad file import.
  • Mbox file import.
  • Several new virtual Attributes: 1) IndentLevel: the level of indenting of each Info Item from the root item; 2) Lineage: the entire parent lineage of an Info Item from its root item, delimited with / ; 3) Item Text: The plain text of any local Info Item (all keywordable Info Items except for those linked to content on the internet); 4) Item Notes: The plain text of the notes for every Info Item.
    Note: All of these virtual Attributes are searchable and #1 and #2 can be displayed in the Related Items Pane and exported to CSV.
  • Full Phrase Search capabilities (using Item Text/Item Notes virtual Attributes).
  • Display company name for Contact item title if first and last name are blank.
  • Entry field for Country attribute added to Contact Editor.
  • Keyboard shortcut changes: 1) Change Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down shortcuts to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up/Down to allow use for paragraph selection in rich text editor; 2) Swap Ctrl+F (Edit | Find in Item) and Ctrl+Shift+F (Edit | Search) shortcuts; 3) Add support Ctrl+Shift+arrow keys for move up/down/left/right.
  • Add capability of copying title+URL for selected document items in tree, all tabular data in Related Items pane, attributes + values in Item Attributes Pane to the clipboard (Ctrl+Shift+C and right-click menu items).
  • Speed up saving of RTF items in large databases.
  • Improve Active Accessibility support.
  • Paste Special | Copy menu entry added (which preserves existing Logical Links)

    Bug Fixes
  • Edited MHT or MIME files didn't refresh in UR internal browser until app was restarted.
  • Advanced Search: 1) Flag value could not be set back to 'None'; 2) Exists/does not exists check wasn't available for Yes/No attributes.
  • Imported folder item and some PDF files were not keyworded properly.
  • Renaming of templates updated wrong attribute (Title vs Template Name).
  • Honor 'Tools | Options | Import | Store contents when importing files or web page addresses' option for drag/drop.
  • Honor 'Tools | Options | Trees | set focus to active selection pane when going to an item' when double-clicking in child/parent panes.
  • Drop-down list for Default Child Template attribute should not show templates in Recycle Bin.
  • Fix startup errors that occurred if all toolbars and/or panes were closed/hidden.
  • Default installation path to a writeable location for non-admin/power users.
  • OR relationship for first indented Advanced Search criteria row not honored in executed search logic.
  • Default Child Template column in Related Items Pane is not always displayed properly.
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.

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