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alx 04-29-2006 01:08 AM

Drag-n'-drop export
In the interest of adding features that "decrease the complexity of the interface without decreasing what the program can do" ( ) I would like to suggest that UR support drag-n'-drop export in the same way that it supports drag-n'-drop import.

I.e., if I drag a document from the data explorer to a Windows folder, that document would be directly exported there. Wizard options would only need to pop-up if there are additional choices to make, i.e. if the document item has children, the wizard should ask whether I want the export to be recursive.

Right now, the wizard maintains the last directory exported to, which is fine if that's the one I would like to use, but rather tedious if I need to export each document to a different folder. What I end up doing is exporting only to the desktop and drag-n'-dropping the documents from there to whichever folder I want them to go.


P.S. I would just like to take a moment to note that UR has reached a point where there are very few additional real "features" --in terms of added power- that I would request and most of them are already planned for the next release. Excellent job guys!

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