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Jon Polish 01-30-2017 09:37 AM

Addition to Quick Options
Normally I clip text only from the web. There are times when I need to include images, but the only way to activate this is through Options and checking "Download images." That is fine, but it becomes tedious. There is no option that I can see to make this a button on a toolbar or include it as a menu item. Ideally, I would like to see this as a choice in the Quick Options menu (Import: Download images).



David_F 01-30-2017 05:30 PM

I second this suggestion. I keep finding myself deleting huge pointless graphics from news items after I clip them. It would be great to not have to dig into Options to do that.

kinook 05-07-2017 08:50 PM

Implemented in v5.3.

Jon Polish 05-08-2017 08:10 AM

Thank you very much!


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