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danielh1989 03-28-2022 01:54 AM

Irregular freezes
VBP 10.2 running at Windows 10 x64, 4GB RAM, 2 Cores AWS instance. No AV installed, MS AV is disabled.

We're recognizing irregular freezes after different build-steps. Mostly at one of the last steps. Maybe there is a overflow etc. in the log-length? I have created a dump file. It seems that VBP is hanging in "DllUnregisterServer". I can send the dmp file to you if required.
I have already tried the steps from expected step no. 8.

kinook 03-28-2022 09:14 AM

Step 1 is to install the latest version.

danielh1989 04-01-2022 01:27 AM

Same issue with 10.7. Worked for two days, today again a freeze

danielh1989 04-01-2022 02:41 AM

Freeze occurs mostly at one of the following steps:
  • Delete a folder
  • Send Email
  • Run cmd command

kinook 04-01-2022 10:56 AM

Have you tried steps 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8?

danielh1989 04-04-2022 01:44 AM

Yes, all expected step 8 since we also have this issue also with VisualBuild v9.

kinook 04-04-2022 09:54 AM

Can you send a dump file from v10.7 to Thanks.

danielh1989 04-04-2022 10:53 AM

Yes of course, you should just received an Email.

kinook 04-06-2022 08:42 AM

I don't have an answer for you on this. The dump only shows external code.

danielh1989 04-12-2022 01:11 AM

But it's YOUR software which does not work as expected and freezes!

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