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kinook 11-04-2009 10:47 AM

Version 4.1a
Released on November 4, 2009


  • Add 'Paste Text One Item Per Line' to Alt+P popup menu.+
  • With full-text search enhancements enabled, a quick search of *text* performs a matches wildcard search to match on text within words.

    Bug Fixes

  • Error could occur when importing or adding items.
  • 'String or blob too big' error importing documents with large amount of text.
  • Attribute values 5 characters or less in length not indexed when enabling full-text search enhancements.
  • Attribute value not indexed with FTS enabled when adding or editing an attribute.
  • Highlighting of search results not working for matches wildcard *text* searches.
  • Item | Edit Web Page doesn't end editing if Tools | Options | Documents | Automatically being editing web page item when selected is checked.
  • Can't delete multiple user-defined keywords at once (Item | Keywords).

    + = Professional edition only

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