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kevina 01-23-2006 02:57 PM

How can I use the Outlook Toolbar from a single email, contact, etc?
The optional Outlook Toolbar provided with Ultra Recall is displayed in Microsoft Outlook, but is only visible in the main application and can't be displayed when viewing an individual email, contact, appointment, etc.

You can use the macro capabilities of Outlook to create a Toolbar from the one provided with Ultra Recall that can be used in this manner. The steps required to accomplish this are documented below:

1) Ensure the Outlook Toolbar is installed with Ultra Recall and make it visible in Outlook (only required to use the same icons to your new toolbar buttons)
2) Create two new macros in Microsoft Outlook
2a) Start Microsoft Outlook
2b) click on Tools | Macro | Macros
2c) Enter a new macro name (ie. CopyToUltraRecall), click on the Create button
2d) modify the Sub CopyToUltraRecall boilerplate procedure to look like (replacing C:\Program Files\UltraRecall with your installation path of UR):

Sub CopyToUltraRecall
  Shell "C:\Program Files\UltraRecall\UltraRecall.exe /importdup outlook:" & Outlook.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.EntryID, vbNormalNoFocus
End Sub

2e) on the menu, click Debug | Compile xxx (where xxx is Project1 or similar). This will compile your vbscript code, which should catch most typos
2f) close the vb editor (File | Close and return to Microsoft Office Outlook)
2g) Repeat steps 2b thru 2f, but substitute "/import" for "/importdup" in the steps (ie. CopyToUltraRecall -> LinkToUltraRecall, /importdup -> /import)
3) Open a single email (ie. dbl-click on a single message)
4) Create a new toolbar, then create two new buttons for it
4a) on the menu, click on View | Toolbars | Customize
4b) on the Toolbars tab, click on the New... button
4c) Enter a name, like Ultra Recall
4d) ensure this new Toolbar is checked in the list
4e) click on the Commands tab
4f) under Categories, click on Macros
4g) drag the commands you created earlier from the Commands list to the new toolbar (which should have no buttons)
5) use the Ultra Recall Toolbar Icons for your new buttons
5a) close the single email you previously opened
5b) in the main Outlook application, click on View | Toolbars | Customize
5c) right-click on the Copy to Ultra Recall button, then click on Copy Copy Button Image
5d) close the Customize dialog
5e) open the single email again
5f) click on View | Toolbars | Customize
5g) right-click on your new CopyToUltraRecall button, then click on Paste Button Image
5h) right click on the new button again, then click on Default Style (to stop showing any text with the button), or enter a shorter title for the new button
5i) close the Customize dialog
5j) repeat steps 5a thru 5i to update the LinkToUltraRecall icon

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