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Statler6 06-20-2006 04:53 AM

Minimize Window at Startup
I have the Outlook toolbar installed, and when I boot my machine, UR and Outlook 2003 are started automatically. Everytime this happens, UR will first start minimized to the tray (as set in the options), but when Outlook comes up a few seconds later, the UR window will be restored automatically.

I've tried to reproduce it with certain combinations (i.e. starting UR first and then Outlook, or the other way round), but it only happens at system boot.

I've tried it on another machine which doesn't have Outlook installed, and that one behaves as expected: UR stays minimized to the system tray.

Could it be that this is somehow connected with the Outlook toolbar and/or this issue:

kinook 06-21-2006 08:25 PM

I wasn't able to reproduce this on a Windows XP SP2 box w/ UR 2.0a and Outlook 2003. How is Outlook configured to start automatically (shortcut in the Startup group?)? Does it happen even if Outlook doesn't run at startup?

Statler6 06-22-2006 09:47 AM

I think I've tried every possible combination now: It only happens when UR is set to startup with Windows (it doesn't matter if Outlook is started or not). If I start UR manually it works as expected. :confused:

I tried it on another PC which doesn't have Outlook installed and it works perfect there (hence my idea it could be something with Outlook).

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