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kinook 03-05-2007 04:37 PM

Ultra Recall 3.0 Released
We are pleased to announce the release of Ultra Recall version 3. This release contains many new features and enhancements, including:

  • Two-way Outlook/PDA and folder synchronization
  • Custom form designer
  • Hoisting
  • Internal (wiki) and external linking
  • Simplified tagging (categorization)
  • Search enhancements
  • Windows Vista and Office 2007 compatibility
  • Firefox and Thunderbird extensions
  • Much more

    See for full details.

    Ultra Recall v3 is a major upgrade (the first non-free update since its first release in November 2004). This is a free update for all purchases since January 5, 2007, and upgrade pricing is available for all other customers (see for details). It can be downloaded from and purchased at

    Important Notes When Upgrading
  • Please be sure to backup any existing .urd data files before installing.
  • We also recommend backing up all your important files on a regular basis.
  • UR v3 can be safely installed over v2 (you do not need to uninstall v2 first).
  • UR v3 will operate in evaluation mode (your v2 license key will not work in v3). You can view, edit, and delete existing items in eval mode, but eval mode doesn't allow adding items to a database containing 1,000 or more items.
  • When upgrading, your v3 license info will typically be sent within a few hours (maximum delay is one business day).
  • A database can be opened and edited in UR v2 even after it has been opened in v3.
  • If you are at or beyond the eval size limit and must add items while waiting for your license info, either a) install v3 to a different path than v2 and use v2 until the v3 key arrives, b) temporarily uninstall v3 and reinstall v2, c) don't install v3 until your license key arrives, or d) create a new database and add items to it, and then copy/paste or drag/drop them into your main database once your license key arrives.

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