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David_F 05-18-2020 06:54 PM

Problem with multi-select attributes
I'm having a problem with mult-select attributes. If I choose the "Allow multiple selection" option, I am not able to select anything - I choose one of the values, the checkbox remains blank. This thread here: suggests the problem was fixed in

My installation shows as the exe number - but it is the only version I can see, I downloaded it yesterday from the Kinook downloads page. Is there a more recent version somewhere?

kinook 05-18-2020 09:43 PM

1) uninstall UR
2) clear your browser cache/history
3) download and install from
4) start UR and copy and paste the info from Help | About

It should definitely be UltraRecall.exe when downloading from the web site.

David_F 05-19-2020 06:35 AM

Thanks Kinook, all now sorted. Suspect it was a browser/cache issue. Now have and very happy with the smoothly working multi-selection attributes!

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