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karelt 01-19-2019 07:25 AM

Dots icon
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In case anybody is interested, figured out a better way to achieve what I described here:

It's an icon that looks like the line of dots in the tree node continues (see the screenshot-one of the icons displayed it marked with the blue rectangle to make it stand out).

I present here the version that works for the regular windows theme colors.

The color of the dots in UR resources is 128,128,128 gray. I achieved it with transparency of black dots hoping it would work well on all themes, but it doesn't. On my sepia-like background the UR's dots look more like orange so there is some kind of color mixing in process. When I apply these gray dots, they appear just gray (see the 2nd screenshot). So if you have a colored background, you may want to edit the ico with the colors you want.

Also figured out you don't need to go through the import wizard for the icons to become available. Just drag'n'drop the .ico file into Imported Items node.


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