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karelt 01-18-2019 04:20 PM

Mute the click

how can I mute the sound that is played anytime I click the item in the tree, pls?

Many thanks in advance for any kind help!


(I see UR is playing the Start Navigation windows sound upon a click.)

karelt 01-19-2019 07:41 AM

Interestingly I've had several BSODs yesterday while I had UR open. The BSODs were unrelated to UR.
The clicking sound stopped playing. The Windows sound used still worked, it still played in Windows Explorer but it did not play in UR.
I even used the compact&repait feature of UR to make sure the database open at the time of BSODs was okay, but the clicking sound did not return.
Only today, after changing icons of some items, the clicking sound came back.
go figure... :confused:


kinook 01-19-2019 05:33 PM

karelt 01-19-2019 05:57 PM

Thanks for the reply!
That's the last option I want to use though (as it will affect how my sound scheme behaves outside UR too).
I gather from you reply there's no mute option in UR.
Pity, but very good to know.
I will try to achieve this via AutoHotkey first though.


kinook 02-20-2019 11:34 AM

This is fixed in v5.4.

karelt 02-23-2019 05:49 AM

Wow! Didn't expect that. Thank you!

Though, I hope that users who were used to the sound will not miss it now. I quickly became content with removing the Start Navigation sound from my windows sound scheme.


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