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kinook 11-04-2003 10:11 PM

Version 5.1
Released on November 4, 2003

New Features

  • New action for Seapine Surround SCM.

  • New action for SourceGear Vault.

  • New action for ZeroG InstallAnywhere.

  • Add PerlScript to script language drop-downs, and add several PerlScript system scripts.

  • Add user option to show full path to project file in title bar (at Tools | User Options | General).

  • Enhancements

  • Toolbar/status bar enhancemements: 1) Support show/hide and of toolbars and status bar; 2) Support docking/undocking of toolbars; 3) Support customization of actions shown on toolbar and Insert Step dialog (at Tools | Application Options | Actions).

  • Execute failure steps on failure of step script events.

  • Support Build Step Group functionality with Process Files steps and steps with repeating build rules.

  • Update .NET global macros to initialize properly for .NET Framework 1.1.

  • Ignore validation on checkbox/listbox/radio button fields using field overrides.

  • InstallShield action: 1) Support IS DevStudio 9; 2) Support additional IS Developer options; 3) capture log file contents for PackageForTheWeb projects.

  • Make VS.NET action: 1) Improvements to locating web projects, including support for project not located on the default web site; 2) Intelligently locate correct VS.NET compiler version based on solution/project file version; 3) Add option to post-process successfully built projects on solution build failure; 4) Change labeling of revison / build fields to 3rd / 4th field due to ambiguity of Microsoft naming of version fields.

  • Send Mail action: 1) Support sending of HTML message content; 2) Support non-ASCII characters in message field; 3) support POP-before-SMTP authentication.

  • Set Current Dir action: Fail the step if unable to set directory.

  • Wise action: Support additional Wise for Windows Installer flags.

  • ZIP Files action: Default to regular compression instead of deflate method, since some ZIP utilities don't support deflate.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Logging: 1) Correctly log default step property for Run Program and Subroutine actions; 2) Truncate long default property (> 500 characters) when logging property value.

  • Prevent inclusion of collapsed steps in multiple selection when editing multiple steps at once.

  • Prevent error when creating a scheduled task if the project filename contains multiple dots or other invalid task name characters.

  • Fix File Locations dialog to properly reflect global macros file location when /macros command-line switch used.

  • Fix to drag/drop of file to add step to insert on current step tab.

  • Expand macros/script and show in tooltip for step name/description columns on step grid.

  • Fix handle leak when executing external programs from build.

  • Fix failure to start on NT 4 in some circumstances when Office 2000 installed.

  • Make VB6 action: 1) Handle non-existence of TEMP environment variable; 2) fix to log error message on build failure when continue on failure option checked.

  • Make VC6 action: 1) Always locate target filename specified as absolute path without drive letter; 2) fix to log error message on build failure when continue on failure option checked; 3) properly increment file version field values ending with " instead of \0"; 4) fix validation of version options.

  • Make VS.NET action: 1) Correctly locate AssemblyInfo project files for version set/increment even if specified as relative or absolute path (or with ".\" prefix); 2) fix validation of version options.

  • Perforce action: 1) Fix 'Unexpected error' when Perforce action sync command completes with a large amount (~5,000 files) of output; 2) Yes/no options on Client tab were being ignored; 3) Fix to add space at beginning of each line of a multi-line changelist description; 4) Submit command deletes named changelist (or skips submit step for default changelist) if revert option checked and all opened files reverted; 5) Submit command uses Folders/files field if provided for unnamed changelists; 6) Support entries longer than 1K characters in the Client Spec / Change List description, Jobs and View fields.

  • Process Files action: correctly support ? character as optional wildcard.

  • Replace in File action: Fix hang on literal replace if replace string contained search string.

  • Run Program action: Fix to properly validate Success Codes field if only a single range specified.

  • Send Mail action: Prevent error when attaching empty files.

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