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srdiamond 01-03-2005 08:06 PM

Child and Parent Windows
I'm curious about the anticipated use of the windows that notify the user of the identity of parents and children of selected items. Do users find it helpful to have this notification of these infoitems? Most everything in UR is well thought out, so I wonder if i am missing something about this information. Offhand, it seems unnecessary, since the parents and children are plainly obvious in the navigator.

Stephen R. Diamond

kinook 01-03-2005 09:10 PM

Regarding item parents, the Item Parents pane can provide additional information and navigation when

1) an item is linked to multiple parents. The identity/location of all parents may not be visible/expanded or obvious in the tree, and double-clicking on another parent is a quick way to locate/navigate to the other parents.


2) when selecting an item in Search Results. In this case, it's possible that none of the item's parents are visible or loaded in the tree pane.

Regarding item children, the Related Items pane provides a grid (multi-column) view of item children, offering additional data about the child items, with customizable layout of columns and alternate (even multi-column) sorting vs. the tree (which is either alphabetically sorted on title or manually sorted).

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