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kinook 03-22-2003 01:38 PM

Version 4.6b
Released on December 19, 2002

  • New COM+ Application action for creating, modifying, and deleting COM+ applications.
  • New COM+ Component action for adding, modifying, deleting, and reporting on COM+ components.
  • New system scripts: vbld_AppIsRunning, vbld_CreateShare, and vbld_DeleteShare.
  • New samples: 1) SourceSafe Analyze sample demonstrating how to automate running the VSS Analyze tool to fix inconsistencies in a database, 2) Logging sample to demonstrate disabling/re-enabling logging during a build and more, 3) Script sample updated to show dynamic creation and building of a project.
  • New Feature: Build Step Group menu item / shortcut (Alt+F8).
  • New Feature: Build to Cursor menu item / shortcut (Ctrl+F10).
  • New Feature: Add Builder.LaunchType property to object model for determining within a step if the build was launched via Build or Rebuild.
  • New Feature: User option to specify whether GUI command-line flags 'stick' if the build is aborted/failed and continued.
  • Enhancements to XML files (options, script, projects, macros, and XML log files): Store extended characters as UTF-8 instead of as character codes; store lines containing markup characters and newlines in CDATA sections for easier viewing of script and other code in text editors.
  • Enhancements to scripting: 1) All enum values defined in the VisBuildSvr.dll type library are now automatically available to script code; 2) JScript versions of most system scripts were added. If you get a 'Name redefined' error because you've defined some of these constants or functions in your script code, remove your definitions.
  • Enhancement: Trim percent characters entered into macro name fields on Subroutine Call and VisBuildPro Project 'Parameters' tabs.
  • Enhancement to Copy Files action: Exclude hidden and system folders as well as files when the 'Copy ... with Hidden and System attributes' option is unchecked.
  • Enhancements to Replace in File action: 1) Performance improvements; 2) support multiple literal search/replace strings; 3) show number of replacements made for literal string searches; 4) improved log message when no changes made to file (this can be due to no matches, or a match and the replacement string being the same so no changes are made).
  • Enhancements to Make VS.NET action: 1) Support VS.NET 2003 (changes to SLN file format); 2) Support Enterprise Template (ETP) solutions; 3) support building individual web project files referenced via URL; 4) more helpful error message displayed when unable to auto-locate devenv compiler.
  • Bug fix: If the macro properties dialog was opened for an existing macro and then canceled, the next change to a different macro during a build would cause the just-viewed macro to be (incorrectly) updated in the grid, and if its macro properties were viewed again, the program would crash.
  • Bug fixes to Make VC6/VB6 actions: with version 4.5, 1) the File Description, Copyright, and Trademark fields were mixed up when setting project properties, and 2) the VB 'update compatibility directory' setting was being ignored (steps invoking VSMake directly were not affected); 3) when updating OCX references for projects in a group build with project/no compatibility, use decimal format instead of hex for version (Object references use decimal while regular references require hex).
  • Bug fix to SourceSafe action: The 2nd and 3rd items of the 'Handling writeable files', 'date/time of local files', and 'file comparison method' on the Flags tab were swapped. Fixed the GUI to correctly display the user selection.
  • Bug fix to Send Mail action: The Domain field was not saved or used.
  • Bug fix to Process Files action: When using the 'Process once for each folder' option, some folders containing matching files could get skipped.
  • Bug fix: Fix sizing of some dialog fields to display properly with large fonts.
  • Bug fix: Support entering multiple consecutive literal bracket characters ([[[[ ]]]]) into a field.

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