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wordmuse 11-04-2006 02:33 PM

Background colors

I'd like to be able to set the background colors of an item. I could then color code my templates and visually see, without having to read a thing, what kind of item I'm in.



wordmuse 05-10-2007 11:53 PM

I was just about to make this same request again when I thought to myself - "Self - I think I made this request before." So doing a search, lo and behold I did!

Guess I must really want this since it came up for me again.

What do you think?


igoldsmid 05-11-2007 12:41 AM

vote ++ i'd like this too - plus the ability to change the font, font style on an item by item basis

mikeg 08-06-2009 09:55 AM

+1 With UR 4 out maybe this can be revived. Would be ideal if background color attribute could be attached to a template as well as selected for an individual item.

Background image/textures (at least for folder items if not also text) would be even more amazing and could change the whole look and feel of UR.

quant 08-06-2009 06:43 PM

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just open the item in the word (CTRL+J), change the background, save it, and put it in your template dir ...

mikeg 08-08-2009 10:49 AM


Originally posted by quant
just open the item in the word (CTRL+J), change the background, save it, and put it in your template dir ...
Nice tip, thanks. I assume you mean "open the item in Word" so I opened in Word (2007), changed background color (e.g. tan) and saved it (in Word). I haven't put it in my template directory yet, but the folder I did CTL+J from now has tan background color. I didn't know you could do that. :cool:

Strange behavior though: now some child folders display the tan background color sometimes and others remain unchanged. I was expecting only the folder I started from to change since I didn't make it part of the template. Instead, if I click the parent first then SOME child folders are tan, but when I click on a child folder that is still white background and click back to the previous tan child folder it is now back to white!

I'm sure there's an explanation for this based on something I've done incorrectly. My hope is a future version of UR will let us do this much more easily by simply right-clicking inside the item or going to Item Attributes tab to select a background color/image attribute. Not a big priority, but would be nice.

wordmuse 08-20-2009 03:07 PM

Agreed - nice tip. And also agreed, it would be nice to have this as an attribute from within UPR4.

mumupiano 02-02-2016 03:43 AM

#1) I agree that quant's tip is useful. In this method, it seems background color information is stored in each info item as a file, which is independent of UR template. I mean background color information is NOT an attribute of UR info item.

#2) Still I think mikeg's suggestion to attach attributes to templates indicates different direction to pursue. This must be useful and is different from method #1.

#3) I also want to change background color as a setting of UR's internal editor. I don't want to change Windows' system-wide window setting since this take effects on every other app in Windows. What I want is just change the default background color of UR's editor.

In these three methods, the place which holds background color information is different. In a file(#1), in an attribute(#2), or in a UR editor settings(#3). There must be priority order among these. I think the natural order is #1 > #2 > #3 which means , for example, #1 overwrites #2 and/or #3.

karelt 01-18-2019 09:33 PM

windows color scheme
What I do is that I have changed the default color of Windows window background (the item is literally called "Window" on Win7, see the link below). If I remember correctly, UR just accepted this as the default item background color.
Works very nicely for me. I have most of the text related apps with my favorite sepia-like color background.
Custom colors were very easily achieved up to Windows 7 (for example see here: Sadly, you'll need to find other ways to do that in the downgrade called Windows 10.


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