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dheller 01-11-2008 11:43 AM

InstallShield Build Step does not copy build files to the right folder
I have a automatic build that includes a step that builds my InstallShield project, however since I switched from a MSI Basic to MSI Script project, it does not properly build the project and copy the files to the proper folder. Here is the output statement

The problem is that the build is creating components that are within the InstallShield project as part of the released files.

"C:\Program Files\Macrovision\IS2008\System\IsCmdBld.exe" -p "C:\My Setups\TRIOS\TRIOS1.ism" -b "C:\My Setups\TRIOS" -r "Release 1" -a Trios_IS_MSI -w -x -c COMP -e y -q3 -l WindowsFolder=C:\Windows\ -l SystemFolder=C:\Windows\system32\ -l "CommonFilesFolder=c:\Program Files\Common Files\\" -l "ProgramFilesFolder=C:\Program Files\\" -l "ISPROJECTDIR=C:\My Setups\TRIOS\\" -l "ISProductFolder=C:\Program Files\Macrovision\IS2008\\" -l "ISProjectDataFolder=C:\My Setups\TRIOS\\" -l "ISProjectFolder=c:\My Setups\TRIOS|" -p "C:\My Setups\TRIOS\TRIOS1.ism"

kinook 01-11-2008 11:49 AM

This sounds like a question for the InstallShield vendor.

dheller 01-11-2008 11:59 AM

This works fine when I build it manually, it only fails when I try to use this step in the automatic build. I included an attachment with all of the settings for this step, do I have all the necessary informtion required for this to work correctly with an MSI project?

kinook 01-11-2008 12:11 PM

If you copy/paste the IsCmdBld.exe command-line used by the VBP InstallShield step into a Command Prompt and run outside of VBP, does it have the same result as when the same command is performed within VBP? If so, you'll need to submit the issue to the IS vendor. If not, please ZIP and send or post:
1) The info from Help | About | Install Info
2) The .bld file
3) A build log file
4) The .ism file
5) The output when when building from a Command Prompt (add >out.txt to the IsCmdBld.exe command to redirect to a file)
6) A detailed description of the difference in behavior when running inside VBP vs. outside VBP.


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