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kinook 09-13-2006 11:22 AM

Exporting UR data to HTML
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Follow these instructions to publish Ultra Recall information to HTML, with the tree (selected item and children) in the left pane and the details in the right pane.

Initial Setup

1) In Ultra Recall, select an item in the Data Explorer pane to export (the item and its children will be exported).

2) Choose File | Export on the menu.

3) If the Intro page is displayed, check the Don't display option and click Next.

4) On the Select Output Type page, select Files to an XML (OML) file and click Next.

5) On the Select Attributes page, click Uncheck All, then include these attributes by clicking on the blank checkbox next to each attribute: Icon, Item Details (RTF), Stored Document, and URL, and click Next. Additional attributes can also be included (see Advanced Options section below).

6) On the Select Destination page, enter the export path plus filename of export.xml (i.e., c:\HTMLExport\export.xml), check the Export child items (recursive) and Open Explorer window after export checkboxes, and enter a name (i.e., "HTML Export") in the Save settings as field.

7) Download and unzip the attached ZIP file (at the bottom of this post) to the folder containing export.xml (this only needs to be done the first time).

Note: In the future, select these settings in the Use saved settings field on step #4 and just click Next for steps #4 through #6, or automate by exporting from the command-line.

Converting to HTML

Double-click on ConvertToHTML.vbs in the folder containing export.xml to convert to HTML and view in a browser. Click on an icon to expand or collapse a node. Click on an item's text to view its details in the right pane (for documents the browser is configured to display).

To publish, copy or upload all files (including those in subfolders prefixed with export_) except convert.xslt and ConvertToHTML.vbs to a web server. Note that users viewing the pages must have their browsers configured to view all documents types that were exported (for instance, Microsoft Word is needed to view RTF items within Internet Explorer).

Advanced Options

To include additional attributes in the exported tree, include them when exporting in step #5 above, and change this line in convert.xslt:

<xsl:param name="attributes">no</xsl:param>

<xsl:param name="attributes">yes</xsl:param>

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