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xja 04-14-2005 11:46 AM

Calendar pane to schedule tasks
This one may be asking for a lot, but it would make UR so much more powerful as a planning tool rather than just an information manager. What I am looking for is a better way to schedule tasks.

I would like to see a pane that contains a Calendar control (ie, that looks like the Daily and Work Week views in Outlook... maybe there is a 3rd party control available?). It would work as follows:

- drag an Info Item (such as a Task) on the Calendar control to create an Event Info Item that is shown on the Calendar, is linked to that Info Item and has Start Date/Time and End Date/Time attributes based on where on the control it was dropped. Start/End times of the Event would be changeable by dragging the event and/or its borders (like in Outlook).

- some indicator on the Task Info Item that shows that it is scheduled (maybe an indicator on the icon?)

- when Outlook Synchronization is implemented, synchronize all Event Info Items with the Calendar

Alternatively, it might better if rather than creating a separate linked Event Info Item, the Task Info Item was just "scheduled" with a Start/End time assigned (but still synchronized to an Event in Outlook). And the Calendar pane displayed all "scheduled" info items.

Simple, right? ;)

wussery 04-25-2005 06:58 PM

xja, Don't stop with just Start and End Times. I would also want the ability to assign the task as a recurring event or an All Day Event, with no time associated to it. This would really make this app shine, if Outlook or Outlook Express (email only) functionality were implemented.

xja 04-26-2005 11:53 AM

Good points. I have moved all my task management out of Outlook into UR so that I can organize all my information using a Goal>Project>Task hierarchy. But I hate working off of Task lists... I like to have the tasks put into my calendar with their durations and work off of that. What I miss is the ability to schedule tasks into my calendar (not that Outlook is great at that but it does help a little... the Taskline add-in is handy for that).

Until there is better Outlook integration in UR, I wrote an Outlook VBA macro that will get my UR Tasks into my Outlook calendar. I copy Search Results items (sorted by Priority) from UR, then in Outlook run the macro and it enters the Tasks into the Calendar in sequence starting at a specified time and with their respective durations. Then I manually drag the items around in the Calendar to optimize my schedule. It's not as automatic as Taskline but I prefer to manually arrange the tasks anyway and this just gives me a headstart by getting all the selected tasks into the calendar in a logical sequence. The tasks aren't linked to the events (although you could do that manually but not worth the hassle) but I still find it useful for planning.

PS If anyone wants a copy of this macro, reply here and I can email it or post it.

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