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karelt 08-10-2019 06:35 AM

UI flashing upon .urd switch
Hi and thanks for reading my post!

This is something we have discussed a bit before via e-mail, but I have a new idea that could be useful in this regard.

I admire and love UR, no question about that. Don't want to sound negative. There is one element I really don't like though and that is the flash as the UI redraws (my guess) whenever I switch opened *.urd files (via toolbar button). Also, on a similar note, when I activate (LMB click) another item, the buttons grow grey and then regain color as appropriate. Both of these effects take me away from the flow of my work and basically prevent me from using UR more. Actually UR is the only Windows app where I tolerate this, but I still don't use it that much.

I know you emailed me that this is impossible to change at this stage in the project, BUT...

I realized I used to have a similar problem with some of my VBA scripts for Word XP. The scripts took so much time, redrawing what happens on the screen was a nuisance and it also prolonged the execution of the script considerably, so... I figured a solution there: I prevented screen redraw with "Application.ScreenUpdating = False" VBA command and when the script was done, I turned it on (True) again. This causes Word to pause/freeze for a moment upon the script start, but there is no visual glitching/flashing. It looks very smooth.

I wonder whether something like that might be achieved in UR to prevent the events I described in the beginning of the post? Would love it :-)

Best regards and tons of respect!

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