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kevina 06-03-2005 10:52 AM

How to import data from Access or other database?
In Access:
1) select the table to export
2) choose File | Export from the menu
-- choose Text files in the Save as type field
-- enter a filename
-- click Continue
3) select Delimited, click Next
4) select Comma in the delimiter field
-- check the 'include Field Names...' checkbox
-- use a Text Qualifier of " (double quote)
5) click Next
6) click Finish

Note: For other databases, use their CSV export capabilities to export tables to comma-delimited text files.

In Ultra Recall:
1) choose File | Import on the menu
2) choose 'A delimited text file (CSV)', click Next,
3) enter or browse to the file exported above
-- map any desired colums to Ultra Recall attributes (create any new attributes as necessary in Ultra Recall via the Attributes Editor button to map attributes not yet in Ultra Recall)
-- check 'Skip missing values'
-- check 'First row contains field names'
-- enter a Field Delimiter of , (comma)
-- enter a Text Qualifier of " (double quote)
-- choose an appropriate Template from the list
4) click Next, choose import location
5) click Finish

A separate item will be created in Ultra Recall for each record in the source table.

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