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lazlo24 06-12-2009 08:03 AM

Sequential tasks

I would very much like URD to be able to handle sequential tasks.

Often I have to create projects with tasks than have a predetermined sequence and each task is totally dependent on the success of the previous one. It would be great to create a 'Sequential project' object, dump all of the tasks one by one into it and let them come out one by one. I use the concept of a 'sequential project' object as a standard project would not allow this functionality (and it should not). A search on the 'sequential project' for tasks would only return the first unflagged task item.

Any one else out there got the same thoughts?
Flame away!! :)

$bill 06-12-2009 09:52 AM

If I understand you correctly, I handle sequential tasks now using nested saved searching.

I set up my project like this.

Sequential Project
+do this third
++do this second
+++do this first

Nested saved search like this

Search for Sequential Project next task
+Search for tasks

"Search for Sequential Project tasks" is >>Item is task and Item is not an ancestor of "Search for tasks"
"Search for next task" is >> Item is a task

So when I execute the saved search "Sequential Project next task", it only returns the Item "do this first".

Sorry for the simple example but perhaps it will give you something to start with.... I believe an example of this is in the UR Sample database GTD.urd.

lazlo24 06-12-2009 06:02 PM

Sequential tasks
Wow. It works. I had to add references to not return items flagged as complete but apart from that it worked.

I have to say I do not understand how it works. I cannot get my head around 'Not ancestor' :-|

Nested searches are ANOTHER hidden feature of URD I will investigate further.


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