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Automating UR command-line arguments with FARR

I've been using a great little utility on my Windows PCs for a while now. It is called Find & Run Robot (FARR) made a by a great site

This utility allows you to automate launch tasks. It invokes a little editbox where you can type your commands. Using aliases, you can program commands using variables.

With the release of UR 6, Kinook added commandline arguments to search & create info items.

As a rule of thumb, I automate my repetitive tasks so that a particular action (search or create note) is no more than two actions a way from the keyboard. Now, I'm able to create an UR quick note or perform a search on any URD database in less than two steps.

Here's how ...
1. Create command lines

Search titles | "C:\Program Files\UltraRecall\UltraRecall.exe" /WINMAX "C:\Users\xxx\Dropbox\Active\test.urd" /search "$$2 $$3"
Search phrase | "C:\Program Files\UltraRecall\UltraRecall.exe" /WINMAX "C:\Users\xxxx\Dropbox\Active\test.urd" /search \""$$2 $$3\"
CreateNote | "C:\Program Files\UltraRecall\UltraRecall.exe" /WINMAX "C:\Users\xxxx\Dropbox\Active\test.urd" /item 11293,1000 /insertchild
2. Launch FARR & enter commands. For example, to search 'dev' urd database for strings 'buy' 'milk'. See image.

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