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That is really cool. If you go into MS Word and select Insert>Object, you can choose from the list of all OLE objects available, then select just the inserted object, copy it, go to UR and paste it on an InfoItem and a child Text info item will be created that contains that object. You can actually insert a Word document object into a Word document, then copy the object into UR and in UR, edit it while it is embedded in an info item. Then you can edit with all the Word functionality. Interesting.

What is particularly useful for me however, as a TabletPC user, is that you can do this with an "Ink Drawing and Writing" object. Paste the ink object onto Templates, rename, edit the name, item title, etc., resize the ink object in the template to whatever size you want. When you create a new item from this template, like the MSPAINT object, you can then double click the ink object and draw directly in the object (note that after drawing in the object, you have to tap outside the object box and then click the Save toolbar icon in order for changes to be saved). That works really well. I'll probably use the Ink Drawing and Writing object for writing notes and the Bitmap/MSPAINT object for drawing.

Thanks for pointing this out.

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