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Thank you...perhaps I should have been more specific. The sample databases and online tutorials are very helpful to demonstrate capability. But I'm interested in the practical application for day-to-day use...what habits folks have developed that have served them well for capturing and organizing data.

I've used a variety of programs before to capture day-to-day work notes, project information (including links to files), web clippings, and other free form data. A measure of success that's important to me, though, is not just quick and easy data capture, but actually finding and using the data that I've stored. IOW, I'd consider an UR database to be successful based on the amount of information I go back looking for, find quickly, and can use quickly...rather than measuring how much information I put into it.

It's that sort of usage insight I'm do you use the program to organize the thousands of pieces of stray information one accumulates these days and so get your day-to-day work done more efficiently.

Links to old posts would be just fine...I searched and didn't see anything like this with the recent releases.

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