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I work for a software company that uses a program called Team Track (web based) to record Service Requests (hotline issues) and that type of thing. Problem with this is that while assisting a customer you cannot quickly make notes or record screen shots and the like. So, I use UR to record the ticket information and make all my notes there with screen shots and the like and when appropriate copy/paste an abridged version back into Team Track ticket. UR has a very nice reminder function that I use ALL the time to keep me on track with tickets assigned to me.

Also, our company have documents recreated by just about everyone stored in various directories that are supposed to help you with resolving a ticket -- problem is where to you look and how fast can you get the information -- again UR to the rescue -- I have imported or linked all these notes and now finding a solution is practically instantaneous AND if I find a better solution or want to amend one I can open the linked item and edit and save for the others in the group who continue to use the 'old method' of searching through file explorer. :-)

Hope that helps.
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