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I have had other PIM type software that I have kept notes with over the years, to name a few: Infoselect, Treepad, Winorganizer, MyInfo and now UR and I must say that right now I'm enjoying UR the most. I'm a relatively new convert (less then a month old) to UR, I tested it for a week and then registered it almost 2 weeks ago, I couldn't be happier.

I'm still learning what UR can do but I have to say that I was quite productive from day one. The previous program I had been using would crash on me at least twice a week and I would have to reindex each database I had open at the time but I have yet to see any problems with UR and searchs are even faster than what I had been used to. So far, UR has been the only program I have used that I haven't found some sort of bug in. :-) -- that's a good thing.

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