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Just to share my findings and how I started doing it. The objective here is to create links (within/out) an UR database that are immune to changing directory paths, computers, and username dependent windows folders.

My directory structure looks like this ....
- c:\ultrarecall (or anywhere you like).
All below directories should reside underneath above.
- c:\ultrarecall\databases
- c:\ultrarecall\linked_files
- c:\ultrarecall\linked_images

Create a virtual drive pointing to c:\ultrarecall using 'subst' command ...
subst k: c:\ultrarecall

You should see a k: drive showing in my computer.

From now on, all links intra/inter UR databases should be created using the K: drive.

If you move these folders to a new machine or new directory path, you can maintain all links by creating a virtual drive using same letter that points anywhere you like.

Hope this helps.
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