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Error building VS 2008 .vcproj file with MSBuild

Very brief description of my problem:
- Created Project step with VisualBuild Pro (8.7) for VS2008 project
- selected the *.vcproj project file (C++ project file)
- tried to build it with VisualBuild
--> ERROR: get the MSBUILD : error MSB4192 that says that a *.vcproj file cannot be compiled with MsBuild.exe

Well that might be right, but I thought by using the Action Make VS2008 it will not use the msbuild.exe but the VCBuild.

With Visual Studio 2010 they changed the executable to build a project (from VCBuild to MSBUild).

I do have VS2010 as well as VS2008 installe on my machine.

Of course I could do everything by commandline, but I would like to use the nice GUI panels to easyly select configuration etc...
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