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The Plugin API should also provide a variety of Events that the Script author can "Hook" in to. E.g. there will be Events for the following things:

* Ultra Recall Startup
* Database Opened
* Database Closed
* Command executed (either view menu item, button or key combination)
* Item Focus Changed
* Item Moved / Deleted
* Item Created
* Item Copied / Linked
* Item Attribute / Content Changed
* Reminder Fired Off
* Tab Created / Closed / Moved
* ...

And so should be fairly intuative what things are most interesting to
provide hooks for.

In the Script language you will simply define callbacks that accept various
parameters related to the Event being fired. The Objects, Items or Controls
that are passed to the callback will depend on the particular Event in question.

The hook is created when the Script uses an appropriate API to register its
callbacks with the Events it is interested in. It should be able to unregister
hooks, too, of course.
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