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Originally posted by quant
why would they do it? Too complicated ... and it would mean
that UR could become sluggish when doing basic insert/delete
because the software would need to check all the searches
whether they should be updated. And I think there is already some search caching in place ...
It's just an idea. If it's too slow or too complicated to implement
then I'm sure Kinook will figure that out.

Regarding its utility, a couple examples should suffice: A Script
could subscribe to an "Upcoming Events" saved search and fire
off an email when new items appear in that Virtual Folder
(another name for saved searches). Or you could use this to
implement calculations, or items that provide statistics, or a
summary view of matching items... e.g. a Script could add up all
the Mileage and Work Actual fields for matching items and input
that information in to some kind of summary or report (it's always
up-to-date because the script is triggered each time the saved
search changes)

This is just more simple than hooking *all* object creation and
then inspecting each object to see if it matches your criteria.

And it's more powerful because we allow the *user* to *define*
the selection criteria using the Ultra Recall UI which they are
already familar with. No fuss, no muss.

I may have made a mistake by describing this in a separate
section... It's basically the same thing as hooking item
creation/deletion for a given *folder*, it's just that in this case it's
a Saved Search (Virtual Folder), but nonetheless it is just another
node in the tree with (virtual) children. At least, that is how I look
at it.
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