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I mentioned Word 2003 XML as a possible format to represent and expose Rich
Content to scripts, etc.

It's actually not a very good suggestion... Office Open XML (OOXML) is the wave
of the future. This is Microsoft's new international standard (ISO) supported by
Office 2007 (with support for Office 2000 and up provided by a downloadable

OOXML is used for Word documents but also for Presentations and

WordprocessingML is the actual XML dialect used for rich Word document

The other contender (and ahead of OOXML, in many ways) is Open Document
(ODF). This format is already experiencing wide acceptance, and Microsoft has
pledged full native support for it in Office 2007 SP2, to be released shortly.

While ODF is superior in almost every way, and I would prefer to use it in any
project that I do, it may have some downsides for use in Ultra Recall.. this is a
question for further research to answer.

Anyway, could I get more feedback on this entire thread? What do you all
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