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Originally posted by kinook
There doesn't seem to be much interest in it
It's not *generally* interesting, no. Such is programming - However the cost you pay by not taking full advantage of the aspirations and energy of enthusiastic users such as myself, quint, glenviewjeff, and so on is steep. I've been a user since July '07... that's a long time during which I would have contributed greatly to the UR Plugin ecosystem, and I'm just one guy. The power is in the networking effects.
and most feature requests do not appear to be amenable to end-user implementation, so I would say it isn't highly likely,
I'm not sure what "amenable to end-user implementation" means, exactly... are you saying it's too hard to put a nice UI on top of all this stuff? Because it certainly would be.. but in my view, you don't *need* to have nice UIs on anything except for the Plugin Search function and the Plugin Rating System.. Crypto verification etc. Just the most basic parts need to be "nice". Developers will handle the rest just fine.
but we remain open to considering adding a basic plug-in/extension capability.
Yes, please
It would be very helpful to hear some specific ways users would intend to utilize such a capability. Thanks.
A few things that I would do right away:

- Plugin to sync contacts directly w/ Gmail.

- Plugin to integrate gmail *email* itself directly in UR, in the style of Outlook integration, but bypassing it entirely. Outlook is off-limits for the security conscious user (imnsho

- Plugin to sync Info items with Trac Wiki pages, and also with Plone... Trac is HUGE and used everywhere.

- Web server that serves out various parts of my tree as html/css/javascript.

- Alert monitoring that sends emails and SMSs to my phone for important events. Because I use UR in a virtual machine it is easy to miss reminder popups. Would also just integrate the alerts with my Host's "tray" (Ubuntu has a nice system-wide alerting feature)

- Fast sharing/edting of an info database between two UR instances over Internet + simple users/groups system. (I have friends *and* business colleagues that I've put on to UR... but I can't share my DBs effectively.)

These are all about *communication* and *collaboration*... the two area where UR is severely lacking, imho. Thanks for listening. -teratorn

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