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Yes, database access would be a very nice start. I saw the post on another thread about how to access the database, but was scared off by the strong warnings.
I'm not particular about what programming language the API is--I'm even willing to accept a command-line interface to the database.
As far as applications go, I want to be able to create a plug-ins to do:
- Syncing in and out of ListPro so I can have some of my UR database available on my PocketPC.
- Create a web-based “dashboard” that I can access from anywhere that shows UR items of interest
- Integration with Launchy (application launcher) to index UR items for instant retrieval
- Enter multiple UR items (one per line) with single paste of clipboard text
- Create “macros” triggered when new items are added, for example, when an item is added to a folder, tag it with a keyword, or resync, etc.
I agree that the sooner that plug-in support gets implemented, the sooner that long-requested features will become available from other users. Look what happened with Firefox.
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