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Version 6.5

Released on August 27, 2007

New Actions
  • Oracle
  • Sandcastle
  • Setup Factory for Windows Installer

    Action Enhancements
  • Flare action: Support v3.
  • FTP/HTTP/Newsgroup/Send Mail/Telnet actions: Handle protocol prefix on server name.
  • InstallAware action: Support v7.
  • Make C++Builder action: Support C++Builder 2007.
  • Perforce action: Support v2007.2.
  • Run Program/VisBuildPro Project actions: 1) Add option to log PsExec output on Remote tab; 2) Prevent license agreement prompt of newer PsExec versions.
  • Team Build action: Support v2008 Beta 2.
  • Team Foundation action: Support v2008 Beta 2.
  • Team Test action: Support v2008 Beta 2.
  • Write XML action: Add Prohibit DTD option.

  • GUI App: 1) Custom image in Build Rule column of step grid to indicate repeating rule; 2) Honor 'Tools | User Options | Save expand/collapse state of steps' option for global subroutine steps.
  • Logging components: 1) Prevent duplicate messages in Event Viewer; 2) Application option to disable writing to Event Viewer.
  • Scripting: 1) Add vbld_MSXML function (VBScript only); 2) vbld_GetFileContents handles BOM (UTF-8 and Unicode encodings).

    Bug Fixes
  • Builder component: Run Script and script-based actions run with wrong identity under ASP.NET when using impersonated identity.
  • Make Delphi action: Action would never finish when building via MSBuild.
  • Samples: 1) Fix PsExec download URL in Server.bld sample; 2) WebLauncher sample (ASP.NET 1.1) missing VisBuildSvr reference.
  • Run Program action/Builder.RunProgramEx: 1) Output file deleted after step completes and contents logged; 2) Write to stdin attempted even when no input specified (can result in error in rare situations); 3) Build hangs if program returns exit code 259; 4) returnOutput parameter ignored if logOutput parameter is false or if reading output from file.
  • Various actions: Bug fixes in regular expression library.
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