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Version 9.2

Released on November 9, 2015

Updated on June 2, 2016 (VisBuildDotNET.dll in Help | About*)

  • GUI App: Add step number column to Step Panes (Tools | User Options | Columns).
  • Object model: 1) Add vbld_ProjectLoaded script event; 2) Add application option to specify the PsExec command (Application.Options.PsExecCmd); 3) Add MaxDefaultPropertyLogLength application option to specify maximum length of default property to log (default = 5000, 0 = unlimited)*[ VisBuildSvr.dll].
  • Use SHA-256 code signing certificate and digest to sign executables.

    Action Enhancements
  • Copy Files action: Option to use Robocopy to copy files (Robocopy tab).
  • DeployMaster action: Support v5.*[ VisBuildAct.dll]
  • Read File, Read INI, Read Registry, and Read XML actions: Ability to specify the category of the macro that is created.*[ VisBuildAct.dll]
  • Run Program and derived actions: Option to specify additional PsExec options (Remote tab).
  • Run SQL action: 1) Default to using sqlcmd instead of osql; 2) Support additional options.
  • SetupBuilder action: Support v10.
  • Sign Code action: Add options to 1) Append signature; 2) Use RFC 3161 timestamp server; 3) Specify the thumbprint of the certificate to sign with (Sign tab); 4) Specify hash algorithm used by timestamp server; 5) Verify all signatures (Options tab); 6) Store action result in SIGNCODE_RESULT temporary macro.
  • Vault action: Support v9.*[ VisBuildAct.dll]

    Bug Fixes
  • Builder component: Step does not retry if terminated.*[ VisBuildSvr.dll]
  • Console app: 1) Some descriptions wrong on parameter validation; Initialize _BUILD_PROFILE_ macro to empty value if not specified on command-line.*[ VisBuildCmd.exe].
  • Enhanced Zip Files action: When password provided and PKZIP 2.0-compatible encryption was selected, it did not encrypt the ZIP file, and when 128-bit AES was selected, it encrypted PKZIP 2.0-compatible.*[ VisBuildAct.dll]
  • GUI App: 1) Error when editing array property values; 2) Always edit multi-line values in properties dialog instead of properties pane; 3) Log message and continue loading project if errors in vbld_ProjectLoaded script event; 4) _BUILD_PROFILE_ macro updated in vbld_ProjectLoaded script event overrides command-line and default value; 5) For step build profiles with alternation (|), add each value to profile toolbar drop-down; 6) Debug assertion error could occur on startup; 7) Error message in Macro properties dialog if Shell button clicked but no menu item chosen*[ VisBuildPro.exe]; 8) Unselected macros can get deleted when category and macros are selected; 9) Can't drop from Actions pane above selected step.*[ VisBuildPro.exe]; 10) Profile drop-down not reloaded when opening project or File | New.*[ VisBuildPro.exe].
  • Loop action: When looping over file contents with a multi-character delimiter and Process empty values unchecked, the delimiter was not matched correctly.
  • Make VS* actions: 1) Improved matching of msbuild.exe version with solution file version.*[ VisBuildDotNET.dll]; 2) Ignore error converting web project URI.*[ VisBuildDotNET.dll]
  • NUnit action: Default to not include /noshort and /noheader options since not supported by all versions.
  • Send Mail actions: Secure connections not always working.*[ VisBuildNet.dll]
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