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Version 1.4b

Released on January 20, 2006

  • Add Quarterly as recurring reminder option.
  • Import Outlook priority value as 1-High/2-Normal/3-Low instead of numeric 1/0/-1.
  • Highlight today in Calendar dialog.
  • Don't display reminders for items in recycle bin.

    Bug fixes
  • Improved handling of retaining scroll position on forward/back in internal RTF editor and browser.
  • Import fixes: 1) Copy/paste of single message from Outlook Express imported as text instead of MIME; 2) Outlook appointment Recurrence value not imported; 3) Import page background images; 4) Don't decode stored URLs; 5) Handle file:/// protocol properly on File | Import.
  • Fix for +/- buttons sized too large on print/preview of trees on Windows XP with themes enabled.
  • Fix keyboard shortcut problems: 1) Ctrl+Shift+E/T/V default shortcuts were tied to 2 different commands (remove duplicates for E and T and change paste as text shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+P [shortcuts can also be customized by user at Tools | Customize | Keyboard]); 2) Del, Backspace, and Ctrl+Shift+Arrow default shortcuts did nothing or wrong thing in advanced search grid; 3) Ctrl+A/C/V/X and F2 not functional in Explorer view within internal browser view. Note: Go to Tools | Customize | Keyboard and click Reset All for these changes to take effect.
  • Searching numeric attributes for non-numeric values resulted in error message.
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