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Add files to VSS does not work recursively

When I use the Visual Source Safe step and specify the Add action for some reason only the files in the directory specified get added. Files that are in subfolders do not.

I checked the Perform action recursively on all subdirectories check box and specified * or *.* as the files to process.

Here is the command line form the trace output:

8/30/2006 4:52:15 PM: Building project step 'Add Executables'...
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\win32\ss.exe" Add * -R -NL -I-N -Y"Al Raiani",albert -W- -C-

according to visual source safe help the following command line will act recursively. It is slightly different from the above command. Is there something I can do to make this happen?

ss Add .-R *

Thank You!
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